Watering the lawn: Lawn care 101

Watering your Dickson lawn

If watering the lawn manually, when to water? The answer is simple: when your lawn needs it. Water when the soil begins to dry out, before the grass wilts. When a lawn wilts, grass blades either roll or fold, exposing the bottoms of the blades. At this stage, the lawn color appears to change from a bright green to a dull blue-green or smoky color. You are actually seeing the bottoms of the wilted blades, which are grayer than the tops. The first occurs in the most drought-prone spots, especially beneath trees. Another sign is loss of resilience – the ability of a lawn to bounce back into shape. It is best to soak the soil deeply and then not water again until the top inch or two of soil begins to dry.

Too much watering can quickly leach fertilizers and nutrients from around the root zone, and can make the grass grow faster and need more frequent mowing. Constant moisture can also promote weed growth and diseases. On the other hand, if a lawn is not watered enough, its roots will remain shallow and thus unable to make use of water that penetrates further into the soil. To keep grass roots growing deeply, it is important to moisten the soil to a depth of six (6) to twelve (12) inches. For most soils and lawns, it is best to divide the application into two or three installments. Doing this prevents wasteful runoff by allowing the water to soak in more slowly.

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