Lawn mowing 101

Lawn mowing tip 1

Mow lightly and frequently, following the rule of one third: Never cut off more than one third of the grass blade at any one time. Reducing the height of your grass by more than one third stresses the grass too much.

Lawn mowing tip 2

Adjust your mowing schedule to take into account different growth rate periods. In the spring, your lawn maw grow a couple of inches per week, but probably only one inch during the summer. Mow more frequently during the period of fastest growth, and less frequently during the period of slower growth.

Lawn mowing tip 3

Adjust your cut (or mowing height) during periods of stress like drought or heat. Allowing the grass to maintain a larger blade area will shade the roots, and reduce water evaporation from the soil. In shady areas, mow the grass higher as well, so that there is more blade surface area to catch the needed sunlight.

Lawn mowing tip 4

Vary the route or cutting path each time you mow your lawn. Running the mower in the exact same places week after week will eventually create ruts in the lawn and compact the soil under the wheel tracks. Alternate your mowing direction each week (or each time you mow the yard), and be sure to avoid overlapping as much as possible to create uniform stripes.

Lawn mowing lesson 5

Keep your mower blades sharp. When your mower’s blades are dull, they smash and pummel the grass blades rather than smoothly cutting them. The resulting ragged ends of the grass blades will turn brown and make the lawn look shabby. A rough cut will also make the grass more prone to disease. Residential homeowners should sharpen their blades at least twice each season. Commercial grounds maintenance crews should sharpen their blades at least weekly.

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